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See more about who's calling before you answer the phone!

CallingNow enhances caller ID with caller location and information from your own contact database.

For one or two phone lines

When the phone rings, a balloon pops up with the caller's information.

CallingNow displays a caller info screen from your linked database, letting you decide how to answer the call or let it pass.

Return calls with the click of a button.

NEW! Client/Server Version!


CallingNow Features

  • Joins caller ID to your contact database
  • Comes with a Microsoft Access-based database
  • One-click call back
  • Stores calling information in logs
  • Caller ID modem available

Caller information screen


The included database is a fully functional contact manager with a form-based front end and SQL-based back end. The contact manager contains common contact fields (name, address, phone, etc.) and includes a clipboard field parser for inserting information from other sources. Search options include a simple text-based search form as well as an SQL query form generator. The database can be easily integrated with the CallingNow caller ID middleware to allow contact record screen pops based on matched phone numbers. More...

CallingNow can also work with external databases or Microsoft Outlook.



Place return calls with a simple right click by the phone number. CallingNow dials the number using either the built-in modem or TAPI services running on the computer.



CallingNow logs all incoming call activity to the file selected, giving you a record of call date and time, phone number, name and state. The information is logged whenever caller ID information is delivered, regardless of whether the phone was answered.


CallingNow includes a caller ID V.92 modem with Intel chipset. The result is a platform with low power requirements and high performance. With the robust host-based controller software and powerful DSP, the Win modem supports all industry-standard AT commands for data, IS-101 voice, and Class 1 fax.

Once installed in a PCI slot in your computer, the modem can be used for caller ID only, or as a standard modem.

A modem is available for both PCI and PCIE type slots.

  • Caller ID service from your phone company or VOIP provider
  • A phone line line connected to your computer (1 or 2 lines)
  • A PCI or PCIE slot in your computer
  • Windows Server 2003, XP, Vista, Win 7 (32 or 64 bit) or Windows 8

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